As of November 17th  the next available shipping date on our Eville Eye 1/4 fairing is November 23rd. I'm excited because I've had so much positive feedback on the wicked look of the new Eville Eye fairing, plus I know how well the FatBob fairing functions and with the Eville Eye fairing being the exact same size it goes well beyond aesthetics and functions VERY well for actually blocking out the upper torso wind blast. These fairings are now IN PRODUCTION! Call or email us to get on the order list with ZERO deposit.

As of November 17th  the next available shipping date on our FatBob 1/4 fairing is November 19th. Recently we revised the mounting design and we also modified the internal headlight shroud to make it unitary with the fairing which has tremendously increased the speed of production while making the fairing even better than it already was! We are extremely proud of these modifications and the customers who have them are giving it rave reviews. We are constantly striving to make our products better while keeping the prices steady, as is indicated by the fact that we haven't increased the price on ANY of our products in over 3 years. As a matter of fact, we have actually REDUCED the price of the FatBob 1/4 fairing with these new design changes because they made it easier to produce! Always looking out for our customers - Thats how we roll! Thanks to all for your support of our AMERICAN MADE products! 

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