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Custom Harley Davidson FXR For Sale



If you, or someone you know, is in the market for a Fully functioning/Rideable "Investment Grade" motorcycle, THIS is it! A true opportunity to own a piece of motorcycling history for $16,900.00.


A $500.00 US Dollar deposit will be required with an Accepted Offer.



  • It's Unduplicatable - Read on!!

    In the fall of 2009 George Smith Jr. (then interim President of S&S Cycle) wanted a new custom motorcycle to showcase the company's X-Wedge engine and XW-R Transmission. He called me requesting a meeting. This unique machine is the result of that meeting.

    The consensus between S&S team Scott Sjovall, Jeff Bailey and I was to start with a Genuine FXR chassis, stretch it the required 2" to accommodate the X-Wedge powerplant and to use as many Genuine Harley components as possible during the customization process. The objective was to create a 'Custom' motorcycle on a reasonable budget by our economic times standard, and of course a motorcycle that can be titled and insured.

    I started with a 1992 chassis, sent it to Rolling Thunder Frames for the modifications.  They cut the FXR frame, modified the front section for the X-Wedge motor and S&S rubber mounted XWR transmission and, per my request, built a 2 ” stretched swingarm. Works Performance adjustable shocks are used for a comfortable ride. I used lightweight Genuine Harley cast aluminum wheels, stock sheetmetal and brakes, modifying and massaging those and many other stock components to keep the build budget in check. Exhaust is made of a Bassani muffler with primary pipes built right here in-house.


    One of the most unique features about this build is that the VIN number of the engine ends in 0001, indicating it is the very FIRST Production 132 cubic inch X-Wedge and has the added distinction of having the ONLY twin carburetor induction system in existence for the X-Wedge platform. The XWR transmission has the VIN ending in 0002. Bearing these unique features in mind, this bike has not been ridden very much over the years and currently has less than 1700  miles on the entire build. 



    S&S Cycle traveled the country with the FXRX-Wedge in 2010, to all of the major rallies and Aftermarket trade shows. If you search hard enough, you'll find videos of it online at some of those events.  

    The FXRX-Wedge was featured in the September 2010 issue of American Iron Magazine, as well as the January/February issue of IronWorks Magazine. Check out the images of the feature articles in the thumbnails. 


    It truly is 'One of a Kind'. I own it - You CAN own it. If you are SERIOUSLY interested Call me at 1-608-783-3684 - OR email me at DOUG@DOUGZ.COM and PLEASE - No 'Tire-Kickers' with ridiculous lowball offers. I'm busy and don't have time for time wasting foolishness. Feel free to make an offer - BUT BE REAL - if I wanted to give the bike away I could have raffled it off years ago. 

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