'ATOMIC' Ultra mini fairing

'ATOMIC' Ultra mini fairing


Limited supply in stock! May take a week or more to ship, so don't delay ordering your Atomic!!

  • 2018 and newer FatBob Atomic Ultra mini fairing

    The Atomic Ultra mini fairing is our newest product. A slightly smaller version of the extremely popular Spartan mini fairing, this fairing adds a unique style to your FatBob. The Atomic is shipped - unpainted - in its natural semi-gloss black color. It is constructed of cast urethane and can be installed as is, but will begin to take on a dull appearance over time if left unpainted or vinyl wrapped, so it is HIGHLY suggested to have it painted or vinyl wrapped for a durable finish. 

    The Atomic will NOT accept the ThreeUp or SixUp windscreens. This is a 'Stand Alone' Ultra mini fairing, designed to add form over function. If you're wanting some wind protection, please consider our Spartan or Bullit fairings. 


    Shipping to any location in the lower 48 states is $22.00. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS NOT FREE! If you are an international customer, or a customer from Alaska or Hawaii, and would like a quote for shipping please email me at doug@dougz.com and I will be happy to respond with pricing BEFORE you place your order.  


    PayPal does not refund transaction fees to us so, we in-turn will retain the PayPal transaction fee (about 5%) on any canceled order.