Deuce Bobtail fender

Replace your stock Deuce fender with the classic Bobtail
  • Deuce Bobtail Fender kit

    Have you ever seen a poorly constructed Fiberglass fender? Thin, ultra flexible pieces of junk that have a microscopic thin layer of gelcoat and are already stress cracked when you pull it out of the box? Yep, We've seen 'em too - THIS isn't one of those fenders. There is a reason most helmets are constructed of hand laid fiberglass - when done correctly fiberglass is TOUGH AS HELL. Like a high quality helmet, this fender is a multi-layered hand-laid piece of art and the beauty of it is you will retain your stock seat/sissy bar and fender struts so you can keep your saddlebag attachments, turn signals, etc. The taillight and license plate mount you see in the images are included with this fender. 

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