• The scoop on the RMAX fairing

    The RMAX Performance fairing is formed and shipped - unpainted - in its natural matte black color. It is highly suggested to have the surface smoothed and painted or vinyl wrapped for a smooth/flawless/durable finish. We do not offer these pre-painted, or wrapped - we send along prep/paint instructions that any auto body technician will find as common everyday practice. There are vinyl materials that match the stock Gloss Vivid Black as well as the Black Denim paint, and any local sign shop can get you hooked up with vinyl wrap.  The RMAX is shipped with all necessary mounting hardware and mounting instructions. We accept orders "first come/first served" - so please be patient as we want to serve every one of our customers with equal care.


    Be sure to check out the extremely popular 'ThreeUp' and 'SixUp' add-on windscreens, specifically designed for our Spartan and RMAX fairings, for added wind protection!


    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS PRO-RATED - IT IS NOT FREE! If you are an international customer, or a customer from Alaska or Hawaii, and would like a quote for shipping please email me at doug@dougz.com and I will be happy to respond with pricing BEFORE you place your order.  


    PayPal does not refund transaction fees to us so, we in-turn will retain the PayPal transaction fee (about 5%) on any canceled order.