SixUp add-on for Spartan Mini fairing

SixUp add-on for Spartan Mini fairing


Add 6 inches of height to your 'Spartan' fairing for added wind protection on the long runs! These add-on windscreen are specifically made to fit our SPARTAN mini fairing.  


!!!NOTICE!!! If you are running Big Buffalo 'ZERO' T-bars - or an equivalent style bar that is narrow with ZERO pullback, you MAY end up with a clearance issue for your master cylinder and/or clutch cable.   

  • The scoop on these highly functional windscreens

    This is one of our add-on windscreens - Exclusively for the DOUGZ Custom 'Spartan' mini fairings. People have been raving about the performance and durability of our fairings for a few years now, so we thought we'd make it even more functional  by offering these transparent windscreens in both a short and tall version to 'custom tune' your ride.  The SixUp is available in Dark Gray and Light Gray tint.  We send along drilling instructions and all necessary mounting hardware, plus - by request - a drilling template for everyone who has an early Spartan fairing that does not have the four drill indexing dimples cast into the inner surface of the fairing. If you already have a Spartan mini fairing you'll need to let us know if you will need the drilling template! As always, we will be happy to get a shipping quote for all international customers, and customers from Alaska or Hawaii before they place an order.   

  • FREE Drilling!

    For new customers who are ordering a fairing and the windscreen at the same time, we will gladly drill the mounting holes in the fairing for the windscreen at No Charge before we send you the fairing/windscreen combo. Plus, when we ship the windscreen along with a fairing you save $18.00 by not having the windscreen shipped separately! Type the Promo code spartan+sixupdeal in all lower case letters when checking out.