2018+ Fatbob 'Bullit' fairing


2008-2017 FatBob 'Bullit' fairing


5 inch height increase for the Bullit with the optional 'FiveUp' windscreen!


MidGlide Eville Eye 'Bullit' fairing


2018+ Fatbob 'Spartan' Mini Fairing


ThreeUp add-on for Spartan Mini fairing


SixUp add-on for Spartan Mini fairing




Sportster Chin Spoiler


1999-2005 Dyna Chin Spoiler


2006-2017 Dyna Chin Spoiler


2000 - 2017 Softail chin spoiler


2009/later FL Chin Spoiler


Backrest mounts / rapper / Fake oil drips


Donster skull




Fake Oil leak


Refund and return policy

All DOUGZ Custom products carry a 14 day money back guarantee. We will refund  or replace (Your choice) provided the item is returned to us in good condition. PayPal retains the 5% transaction fee, no matter what the reason for the return, so we in-turn will retain 5% of the purchase price UNLESS the return is because of a quality issue. Buyer pays return shipping. All DOUGZ products carry a 1 year workmanship warranty.

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