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Harley-Davidson® MidGlide Eville Eye 'Bullit' fairing

Harley-Davidson® MidGlide Eville Eye 'Bullit' fairing


Price includes all mounting hardware


We are currently shipping 'Eville Eye' Bullit fairings within 3 business days! 


Click HERE to view the installation video on our YouTube Channel! 


FREE shipping in the continental US   -   PRORATED shipping for all international shipments!

  • Eville Eye fairing for Harley-Davidson Dyna models

    The Eville Eye fairing is the exact same size as our FatBob 'Bullit' fairing, and it is specifically designed for our customers who run 49mm Harley-Davidson® Midglide front ends with a single headlight and offers the same amount of upper torso wind protection as our FatBob 1/4 fairings  This fairing will currently only fit 49mm Mid Glide front ends. They are shipped UNPAINTED in their natural/raw semi-gloss black color. The fairing MUST be painted to retain a durable color matching finish. The fairing is shipped with everything needed to install it right out of the box. Included are a pair of two-piece clamps which are used at the upper mounting location on your fork tubes and a few extra pairs of heavy duty cable ties which are used at the lower mounting location on your fork tubes. To place an order you can call or email DOUGZ or add it to your cart. Of COURSE this, like all other DOUGZ products, is 100% American Made.

    INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS NOT FREE! We ship worldwide and will be happy to provide a shipping quote for International customers as well as customers from Alaska and Hawaii BEFORE you place your order. 


    We offer a 10% DISCOUNT ON ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS IF PAID BY CASHIERS CHECK OR MONEY ORDER (That is a $46.00 US dollar savings on this fairing) - We save money on credit card transaction fees and pass those savings on to our valued customers!!!

    Our 'FiveUp' add-on windscreen fits the Eville Eye fairing, in both the Standard and Super Sport styles. The FiveUp increases the top/rear edge height by about 5 inches - so with this transparent add-on windscreen the top/rear edge is 15 inches above the top triple tree.

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