Imitation/Fake oil leak

Fake Oil leak


We'll send you 4 of these for 13 bucks. Isn't it worth 13 bucks to scare the shit out of your best bud?

  • Fake oil leaks

    These come in assorted sizes and shapes. They are made using the same super tough and durable Urethane that many of our products are constructed of. They serve a dual purpose, both as a kickstand support and mainly as a fake oil leak to put under someone's bike, just to scare the crap out of them. Imagine your buddy just finishing a wheelie or a nice smokey burnout, then when hes not looking you toss this oil leak under his scooter - Oh the sheer joy of watching him shit his pants when he thinks he destroyed something, I'm tellin' ya - its pure Heaven! We will sell you a few of these for a measly thirteen bucks and you KNOW how quicky you literally piss that away every weekend patronizing your favorite Gin Mill... This is a gift that just keeps on giving because they are re-usable! FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the lower 48 states. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE AND WILL BE HAPPY TO QUOTE YOU AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING FEE BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER - International shipments will receive a separate invoice for US Postal Service Priority International service after you have made your purchase.(Cost varies by country). 

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